Hello there,
I assume since you’re here you are a fan or don’t know how to use the internet. I’ll write this under the assumption that you’re the former. I have been touring 45-50 weeks a year for about 11 years now and I enjoy it very much. That said I currently only have one date booked for the next six months to work on a Pilot for CBS based on my life and stand-up. I’m very excited about this. If you’re having withdrawals you can find my albums on itunes or steal them from some torrent site. I’m fine with either. Since I’m not currently touring I’ll be doing a lot more spots in Los Angeles. It also means I get to see my baby a lot more. She’s very cute and expensive. If you live in LA I hope to see you at a show. Come say hi. Don’t linger. If you’re reading this and you don’t live in LA you can download my albums on itunes or steal them from some torrent site. I’m fine with either.

I will post the date of the taping for my pilot as soon as I get it. It will be in front of a live audience. You can come! Please come! Don’t make me do this alone. email me at tommy@tommyjcomedy.com letting me know you’re interested in coming to the taping and I’ll email you the ticket info date/time(they will be free) as soon as I get it.

I’m writing it with Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumaker

here’s my baby face when she found out they picked up our pilot

Final 2014 tour dates. San Francisco for NYE!!!


These fine folks are also on the NYE shows


Tommy Johnagin-Starring Family Comedy From ‘Surviving Jack’ Duo & Bill Lawrence Gets CBS Production Commitment

Click on this adorable picture for the details.


I'm Pretty excited about this

I’m Pretty excited about this


(June 17th)photo

The Half Hour

Thanks to everyone who came to my Half Hour taping in Boston. I had a great time. It should air sometime in the next few months. I’ll release a new album the same week. I’ve added new tour dates to my schedule. I could be coming to a chipotle near you.











No shows booked at the moment.